I’m a Winner! Thanks, Grain Edit!

While on vacation in Portland, I received an email that I won the Grain Edit 1 year Anniversary Giveaway Shindig Thing! I felt so lucky!

I am pretty sure I have won a few things over the last twenty or so years. But when I was in the third grade or so, there was a giant Mountain Dew float giveaway at Buddy’s store. Buddy ran the store my grandfather built in the 50’s right next to their house in Germanton. Since I spent my afternoons with Memaw, I visited the store at least once EVERY SINGLE WEEK DAY.

The float was a large round donut shape with a clear plastic center so that you could sit in the float and look beneath you at people swimming in the pool. I think that Mountain Dew probably intended for the float to be used going down a river with a cooler in tow stocked with Mountain Dew. However that was not my case. We spent lots of time at the pool in the summer. So I was determined to win.

I would spend a good solid five minutes filling out the little notepad provided by the soft drink supplier. I stuffed that box as much as I could since the rules said nothing about how many times you could enter. I’m pretty certain that Alex and Sarah also entered the contest, but I was a little more dedicated to filling out the pads of paper. And it paid off, because I won. I heard that my name was the only one Bradley saw in the box.

I guess you could say that my luck has improved, because the odds were much much greater. I just entered a comment once and I was one of four winners. And 1419 people entered!

I was selected third, so had the third chance to pick my prize. I think that it was the best pick. I hope that others felt the same. I choose Prize Pack #2:

1 Luxury Apts limited edition silkscreened print courtesy of Julia Rothman

1 Animal Alphabet Print courtesy of Lorena Siminovich/ Petit Collage

1 Love Saves the Day Silkscreen Print courtesy of Wayne Pate/GoodShapeDesign

My choice of 2 state prints courtesy of Frank Chimero

1 Ampersand T-shirt courtesy of House Industries

1 copy of Archive courtesy of BEAUTIFUL/DECAY

A Three pack of FIELD NOTES memo books courtesy of Draplin Design Co. and Field Notes

Whew! That is a lot of stuff! I got tired just posting that. (And took the lazy way out. Sorry!)

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  1. Sarah

    Awesome! Congrats!! I totally remember that Mt. Dew float. These prizes are a thousand times better. Maybe a million. I love lux apts. That’s not meant to discount the Mt. Dew float or belittle your effort because I know you worked very hard for that, but still . . .

  2. julie

    congrats! oh wow, i’m sooo jealous! all the paper source girlies are winning things lately (joanna just won a $500 gift certificate to zappos) – maybe your luck will rub off on me.
    i definitely think you got the best prize pack – i’m in love with the julia rothman print.

  3. Shrimanker Family

    I love the Animal Alphabet Print, I am going to see if I can find that for Weston’s room. Do you know if that is an original or if they have prints available?

  4. Caroline Armijo

    Oops! Here it is.

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