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Sometimes I struggle when I introduce myself. I have gotten pretty comfortable with telling people that I am an artist/graphic designer. I used to just say graphic designer, but since leaving UNC, I have focused more on my own projects that ones for other people. But for some reason, graphic designer always garners the specific question “Who are your clients?” Well, me.

I do have a few clients. But lately, my main client is my brother, who wants me to create an identity package for my family’s law practice. Alex has taken the lead as the primary administrator and likes to have everything matching and in order. Logos take a lot of time and energy. And everyone has to buy in on them. My dad didn’t understand why they need a logo after 30 years of being in business. My mom didn’t like the color, which my dad instantly got – Carolina blue for UNC. So I am still working on the logo and identity package, which I plan to complete before the end of January and starting a collage class at the Corcoran. He has even threatened to charge me court fees for a small speeding ticket he handled last spring. I promise, Alex, I am working on your identity package.

My last major identity package was for NECTAC. It took us over six months to agree on the final design. And now it just a faded memory. They had to toss out any graphic elements other than text with UNC’s identity redesign a few years ago. My feeling is that logos are sort of like wedding invitations (and vice-versa). And they are taken very seriously. I think that other design elements (and other event invitations) are a lot more fun to create. At least for me, anyway…

A couple of months ago, Mr. Pei started telling our Tai Chi class that I was the founder of Tai Chi. I was flattered, but was quite certain that I am not the founder. I have only been studying Tai Chi for the last six months. I am not really a believer in reincarnation, but even if I was, I am pretty certain that I am still not the founder of Tai Chi.

The first couple of times he called me the founder, I thought that it was because Mr. Pei wants me to be a Tai Chi evangelist. He wants me to make Tai Chi part of my job. I tried to explain that MerriMail really involves me working at home by myself with Eris in North Carolina. I do love it and I am happy to help in anyway I can. But he is always talking about how I can find more locations to offer more classes. I also thought that maybe he thought I was the founder because I am going to find more places to hold classes.

But then I finally figured out why he started calling me the founder. I gave him my MerriMail business card. My title is Co-Founder. Aha! When Eris and I made our business cards, we struggled with what to call one another. Co-Founder seemed to sum it up. We were starting this venture together as partners.

This year for Christmas, Henry had a special surprise for me. It is one of my favorite gifts by far. Not only did he create this great illustration of me on this Starbucks gift card, he also gave me a new title, my favorite – artist/urban explorer. Notice the camera in my right hand. Love it!

Create your own custom Starbucks card. It’s refillable, too.

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