I spy with my own little eye

Be sure to check out an excellent blog entry from decor8. Holly interviewed artist Kerry Pitt aka Lush Bella, who creates a collage of interesting items from around her home and photographs them. She turned the idea into a beautiful and sophisticated I Spy book for adults after being inspired by one of her online friends.

I love the stories that Kerry creates with the various items she arranges. It is almost like looking through your grandmother’s jewelry drawer for a forgotten treasure. The delicate features remind me a lot of both Sherri and Shannon, who love tiny delicate details.

I was also intrigued to hear about Kerry’s experiences with Blurb. I tried really really hard to use them to create a book for my parents. But I eventually gave up. November got away from me and I had to pursue iPhoto’s less frustrating route. The iPhoto books were more expensive, but self-publishing is definitely worth it almost any price. All of the books that I created for gifts this year were a huge hit. The gifts I bought from stores were not so much. I need to go ahead and start creating my list for next year. Plus Apple has a 20% off coupon for orders through the end of February. Let me know if you need it.

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