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Several years ago, Henry gave me a beautiful book called I Send You This Cadmium Red. The title thrilled me. Wouldn’t it be fun to receive a package in the mail inspired by a color. Unfortunately the letters in the book were not nearly as interesting as the illustrations and images, but it still makes a nice coffee table book.

photo by Carey

Several bloggers took part in a similar concept with the mellow + yellow swap coordinated by marta. I am sad to say that I missed the deadline, but it is still fun to watch the slide show of all of the different color-filled packages that arrived on doorsteps during the last couple of weeks.

Different swaps are popping up on blogs all over the internet. I am supposed to participate in a journal swap hosted by Kristine at Create a Connection, founded by the marvelous Melba. I hate to admit that I forgot all about it until Kelly emailed me for my address. Oops! I will catch up soon.

Anyway… back to color…

Today Karen told me that there is a new Martha Stewart Weddings special publication on the news stand that features wedding ideas grouped by color. I ran in to check it out before catching the bus back to Chinatown. Several of my favorite previously featured ideas popped out at me. The wonderful colors make a strong impact with the rainbow of showcased weddings.

Paper Source added two recent additions to their color line up this Spring – Curry and Night. Sue, the founder of Paper Source, finds inspiration for new colors in the tiny details around her. There was quite a buzz about the new colors in the store. Since then I have notcied Curry everywhere. Is it the new pink? Or the new green? I am sure that Leatrice Eiseman, Pantone’s color guru knows.

Regardless, the mellow yellow color inspired our design of the Spring issue of MerriMail, as seen above. In each issue, we like to tie the package together by matching colors inspired by gift with the idea card and the tissue paper. A subscription is a great gift if you love this idea, but are too busy to create your own package.

If you are in the Washington, DC area, I will be demonstrating how to embellish envelopes at Paper Source in Georgetown tomorrow as part of the Love and Forgiveness campaign. Be there at high noon.

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    O what a joy to find that you had updated your blog, not once, but three times! Thank you!


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