I hope she appreciates this…

I spent the day at the studio. Last night I realized that I had moved
all of adhesives, except for one roll of tape to the studio. I needed
a glue stick to finish the Flat Stanley journal project. I don’t know
that I’m ready for elementary school. Seems like a lot of work.

I haven’t spent much time at the studio lately. On Tuesday afternoon,
I started working on a few different projects, including packing a
package of quilting fabric for Jeannie and a gift for Lauren. Then I
pulled out my stash of paper lanterns.

I never really had a plan for a mobile. I knew that I wasn’t going to
register for one. I was hoping that one of my talented and crafty
friends, like Sarah or Lauren, would make one for me. Granted they
both had babies before me and I’m pretty certain that seriously
reduced the time they have for these projects. And let’s be honest, I
don’t know that they would want to spend those rare moments of
solitude making a gift. Granted, I would be ecstatic to receive such a
gift. I have lots of empty ceiling space in my life. Much worse things
can happen than having more than one mobile.

So today after a muffin at Cowgirl Creamery and saying goodbye to Flat
Stanley, I spent most of the day working on the components of my
mobile. One of my biggest projects of the day was to find and organize
my origami paper. I knew I had a pattern with the little goldfish
swimming. But where?!? I finally found the paper hidden away in a bin
of salvaged collage material. I have A LOT of organizing to do.

My goal is to get hyper-organized in my studio space, so that I’ll be
able to easily put my hands on a paint brush or the perfect image
without twenty minutes of searching. I realized today that one of
those tricked out pack ‘n plays isn’t a bad idea. Maybe the baby can
sleep, play and clean up right there in the studio and I can hopefully
accomplish something creative in between the cycle of it all. But I’m
going to need a much more comfy chair.

Until then, I hope to finalize all baby stuff in the next week or two
so that I can channel this manic nesting energy into at least a couple
of large art projects early this spring. At least I’ve gotten far
enough along with my planning that I’ve started thinking about being
back in the studio and not whether or not to register for a playyard.

When I left to pick up lunch today, my finger was bleeding from
clipping the wire frames. I realized that I had gotten a little blood
on one of the lanterns. Opps… It’s barely noticable. I repaired a
few tears this afternoon. I considered covering the small stain, but
then I decided maybe I should leave it just the way it is.

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