"I believe in love."

I just watched Run Granny Run, a documentary by Marlo Poras showing now on HBO. This is the story of Doris Haddock, a 94-year-old, who ran for the New Hampshire Senate. Her main campaign strategy was to walk across the state talking with the citizens. She did this after walking across country at the age of 90. What a remarkable woman!

* Spoiler Alert! * – I was most impressed with the fact that by the end of the campaign, she was only $5,000 in debt with a minimal $200,000 budget. Plus she won 35% of the votes. How amazing.

Granny D is proof that the average person can run for office. Near the end of the film, she said democracy is something that you do. Not only did she run a campaign like I prefer to run my businesses, but she also proved an important point. We have to all participate in our democracy for it to work.

So it is the political season once again. I am not here to share my own personal views, although most of you who know me, probably already know them. I found this online candidate calculator to be pretty interesting. I learned that I am 100% in line with someone I had never heard of before. Interesting!

A first step in democracy – figuring out who you really match up with, not just picking a person based on superficial reasons.

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