Much love to Tia Lia for spending the day with us yesterday. Not only
did Lia make this adorable stuffed owl sans pattern, but she also took
control of our clothing situation. The organization picked up when I
sat down to feed Lucy and Lia took over. She turned my dozen piles
into three or four!

Somehow standing in my kitchen last night, the entire apartment felt
lighter just knowing the nursery closet was clean and organized. I
even have a bag to place items I need to return to Eris and another to
store for baby number two, which will eventually makes it’s way to
Grandma’s. (Sorry, Mom!) Plus we dropped a grandma cart off full of
baby goodies with Pastor Edgar. I just have a few more items to share
with a few other new babies.

Nursery tour pictures should be here before you know it.

Many, many thank you’s, Lia! I had a great day.

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  1. Lia

    Thank you, so much, Caroline! I had a great time. And Lucy is amazingly beautiful.

    If ya'll haven't held her yet, you should.

  2. Being Shrimanker

    I love that owl, I am currently coveting it.

  3. Anonymous

    That owl is awesome!! Can I want one even though I don't have a baby? BTW- this is Marianne

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