Holding Hands

Holding Hands by carolinearmijo
Holding Hands, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Tonight we followed Dottie’s recommendation and went to Postiano for dinner. Italian sounded delicious to me and, to be honest, so did some yogurt from Dottie’s yogurt shop Taste!

All four of us thoroughly enjoyed the meal. Lucy has a new impression that she does of her abuela. She will say, "This is Gooood!" after she tastes something she likes. It is so funny and she actually sounds like her. Tonight she said "That is my abuela energy." Then we said, "Impression?" And she replied yes. We have to get a video ASAP.

I love this little picture of Lucy holding hands with Leka and and her portrait by her dad. This is her favorite dress by far. I’m tempted to see if Tea has any larger sizes in their archives. I’ll be so sad when she can’t wear it anymore. Except when it is freezing outside and clearly inappropriate. Many tears have been shed over this dress!

We relaxed while Lucy drew on the chalkboard at Taste for quite some time. Not a bad way to spend the evening. I predict many more after dinner treats to come. Maybe at our next I will feel a little more comfortable than I did tonight.

The baby started kicking with the salad and by the time we left Taste, I began to wonder just what’s going on here. I warned mom that I was having some more painful contractions AND there is a full moon tonight. So … right now I’m resting. Henry downloaded a contraction counter app, but I haven’t started using it yet. I think I’ll take a nap first.

Once I arrived home, I recalled the Italian recipe I found in a friend’s child birth notebook. It was probably not to far off from what I ate tonight. Oops. I was really hoping to wait until next week. Although Henry has been begging me to ask the doctor when the baby is going to come at my checkup tomorrow. I’m sure they get that question all of the time. But I promise I’ll ask.

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