Henry’s Moses Figurine

Look at this cute little surprise I found when I finally made it home from Paper Source last night.

I should have been much more excited than I was, just because I was exhausted by all of the tourists after a particularly draining customer in the adhesive section. I am not going to rehash it all again here, but let’s just start with the fact that she thought I was Australian because of my accent. She’s from London, traveling alone. Maybe she did need a friend, as Alex suggested. But she couldn’t pull the trigger on buying something to glue down a very special leaf into her journal. Two hours later, when I was absolutely certain that she was gone, she was back. And she caught me telling my colleague the story. The guilt! That is why you should only talk about people at home in your private space with your husband. If you don’t have a husband, you should look for one who will let you rant while he is actually watching Monday Night Football. And surprises you with Moses figurines.

On my way home, the bus was more than I could bear. A couple got on at the Four Seasons stop and addressed the entire bus, making sure that we were all fully aware that they were going to The Mall and that there aren’t any buses where they are from – the country. In Kansas. A few people tried to help out, but she commented that she didn’t know if she could walk five blocks to the Washington Monument in her shoes. Bad move. Listen to me, people. Do not go to The Mall in heels unless you are dropped off by a cab for a fancy event. It is a long way and you are going to walk more than you ever would in your normal life. If you don’t take a bus where you live, the chances are you probably don’t walk that much either.

Plus, she promptly found someone to talk with her about politics. Even if I did agree with everything that she was saying (which I did), I just wanted to crawl in a hole. I was far away from her, but I tried to bury myself in a book. But I couldn’t drowned out her Amy Poehler-esque voice. So I called Jason and left him a lengthy message. Then I called Henry for a second time in fifteen minutes to hear a happy voice. Moses must have been well on his way. Henry certainly sounded excited.

And so was I once, I finally made it home. I loved the original Moses until I saw his alien eyes. I appreciate loose thinking about religion and aliens, but I don’t grasp a lot of sci-fi stuff. So there was no way that Moses could part the Red Sea looking like that. A few minutes later he was perfect. Well, except for the exposed double-sided tape. I guess it’s back to the adhesives, after all.

Henry’s Moses Figurine from Caroline Armijo on Vimeo.

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  1. hallking5

    THis video has made me die laughing! I just love you!

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