Heading South

Thank you, West Palm Beach, for bringing us this logo to ponder.

Love 95 on Fourth of July weekend. We are sitting completely still
south of Richmond. We considered spreading Lucy’s activity mat out on
the lane next to us. She’s doing great, but she really wants to have a
good, squirmy stretch.

Henry is also antsy. He’s been able to clean out the front of the car.
We are also listening to The Giant Pool of Money on This American
Life. Plus he has been able to check his email. An ambulance just
headed north. Maybe that means the four-lane accident will begin to
clear soon.

We have to meet Dmitri at our Chapel Hill apartment. But we both
really want to visit my favorite store, Ox and Rabbit, in Durham. We
have a couple of gifts to buy, but our progress is not looking good.
One mile in forty-five minutes… We might miss both of our errands at
this point.

In other news, this is my 999th picture I’ve taken with my iPhone.
I’ll send my 1000th picture out next.

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