Headed to DC and Pyramid Atlantic Opening

Tomorrow night is the opening reception for Pyramid Atlantic’s Exhibit “Outside the Margins.” Two of my pieces were selected to be included in the show, which is a huge honor for me. The two pieces are Let Heaven and Nature Sing, which is featured above, plus my little radiator book.

After checking out the show description, I am also super excited about the perk of changing my last name from Rutledge to Armijo. I’m the first artist included on the list, after a childhood of being at almost the back of the line. As Lucy says, I love being the line leader!

When Henry asked if I was going to the reception, I said yes! I really hope to see some old friends and I’m definitely seeing Shannon. Hooray!

I had a great time with Amy and Lauren at the Over the Edge: Paperworks Unbound exhibit opening in Brooklyn at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center just shy of two weeks ago. I was overwhelmed by how many people were there. And the number of pieces that were included in the show. It was a fantastic trip. So I’m hoping this 36-hour visit will be just as great.

Driving to and from DC ALL BY MYSELF also feels like a gift. I have downloaded a bunch of podcasts, but probably need more. What are your favorites?

DC Friends – Please join me in Silver Spring this Friday night (as in tomorrow/today – it’s late!) from 6-8 pm! I would so love to see you.

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