Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Rumor has it Lucy didn’t hesitate to declare what she was thankful for this year. So we pulled out the Pony Train to play that very night. Once again we attempted to add batteries, but we have no idea how to make it work. But that doesn’t diminish her love one bit. Thank goodness!

We are looking forward to a day full of family, friends and food. Today is my first Thanksgiving that I haven’t spent the night at my mom’s. that also means I didn’t have to pack and travel over an hour or seven.

Eek. I realized yesterday that I really don’t have an excuse to not contribute to the meal. But my addition will have to come next year. I like to cook, but I am pretty slow. Plus I don’t have an oven. This morning I was checking off my list for my home warranty and that’s at the top. Plus Lucy might bake like a potato while we freeze downstairs. So I’ll use that this year and quietly make notes for my signature dish for years to come.

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