Happy Seven Months!

Happy Seven Months! by carolinearmijo
Happy Seven Months!, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

Yesterday Oliver turned seven months old. He especially enjoyed the fact that I never put any socks on his feet because it was 70 degrees outside. Here he is sitting on a little bench that Lucy calls her classroom. It is underneath a pair of Hemlock trees facing our massive Pin Oak.

Last night we had a pizza night at home before heading out to Greensboro’s First Friday Christmas Tree Lighting. We missed this event last year. There were so many people out! It reminded me of Halloween on Franklin Street minus the costumes and drinking.

We enjoyed all of the music performed along Elm Street. Lucy really studies the UNCG Sapphires, the women’s acapella group. She saw them at Ben’s concert last spring. Perhaps something similar is in her future? The kids sat down and listened to the UNCG Tuba Band, which was awesome.

The biggest hit of the night was the mysterious snow being blown by fans between Natty Green’s and Just Be. What was that "snow fluid"? My guess is soap because the road felt pretty slick.

Oliver slept in the Ergo through most of the Downtown celebration. We all celebrated when we drove home at 9:30 and Oliver was laughing, not screaming. What a gift!

I told Leslie that Ollie’s personality changed once I put the teething necklace on him. That remains true. Granted we still aim to put him in the bed by 7:30 each night. But before the necklace, he was screaming by 6. The doctor told me that colic is real at one point. Post-necklace, I remember being giddy when he once stayed up past 8. Lucy was up until 10 regularly and raring to go! We have probably kept him up later than we should on more than one occasion, but that’s okay.

Oliver is such a decisive little boy. He is really starting to be even more deliberate about going where he wants. He has always ALWAYS from birth picked which side he wants to eat on while breastfeeding. Now he is even more picky and has a method of turning his head and pointing when he wants to switch sides. He has started to feed himself with those little pouches. Although extra runny foods like pears get everywhere.

Where Lucy was more attuned with people at this age, Oliver is really engaged with toys. And people. And ceiling fans. And fabric textures. He loves to scratch. And within the last two days, I’m pretty certain his four-finger scratch has turned into a wave.

O’s sitting up has solidified in the last two or three weeks. He is always trying to sit upright and crunching his abs. Soon he will be crawling forwards instead of backwards. We will be in trouble. As Leslie commented, "You are a little muscle." That’s what it feels like when you hold him. We are only holding him back.

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