Happy Fourth Birthday!

Happy Fourth Birthday! by carolinearmijo
Happy Fourth Birthday!, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

We are coming up on the time of the evening when Lucy entered this world four years ago today. It seems like both a long and quick four years all at once.

We had our first meal at a restaurant as a family of four. Lucy picked Sushi Republic, one of our favorite sushi places. Plus their pork dumplings are to die for!

I am pretty certain I enjoyed my first sushi since August more than Lucy! I heard someone at a neighboring table mention Iceland and I realized this is the happiest that I’ve been since Iceland, which we visited the first week of last May. We have since moved, unpacked, settled into an old house, and birthed a baby, who is now in a stroller basking in the sun. What a relief. I finally feel like myself again and that I can move on with life.

Lucy has adjusted fairly well to being a big sister. She loves holding Ollie. Tonight I was moving the laundry over and he started crying in his bassinet. I heard Lucy sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" to him. I think that it pacified him briefly, but I am thrilled that she seems into being a big sister. I am also impressed at how rapidly she has adapted to playing independently more frequently. Granted she may love it because we are watching a whole lot more TV lately.

Lucy asked for a soccer ball and roller skates for her birthday. So Baby O gave her a yellow soccer ball last week and she received a goal today. The goal was one of those gifts that really fails to impress on its own. But she was oblivious. We invited Trudy over to show her some tricks tonight. Lucy had a great time playing until she wrote on the wall and then ended the evening with a meltdown. Poor Trudy looked scared, but hugged her anyway.

This morning we had a visitor all the way from Raleigh! Lucy was hoping for the whole David gang to visit, but Sarah came solo. Many thanks to Sarah, who brought a delicious (and beautiful) homemade chicken pot pie. It made me think I should post the recipe to my blog! We forgot about the green beans until after we sat down. But there is always tomorrow. Yum. I may sneak one now.

I have actually been using my real camera over the last week to take pictures of the kids. (Sounds strange!) But I have failed to download them from the camera yet. Soon, I hope!

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