Happy Birthday, Mom!

Yvonne is celebrating the big 6-5 today! Two of her best friends kidnapped her and took her to the beach for a much deserved vacation.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of my mom…

Mom’s Baby Picture – probably the most familiar to my family

Grandma and Mom in Miami, while Papa was serving in WWII

The Cuban Couple who kept my mom in Miami while my grandmother was sick. (Okay, not a picture of her, but a great story…)

Ma (my Great-grandma Merritt) holding Mom with her cousins all around

Mom and Grandma

The first baby picture my mom showed me

First Grade

The prom

Mom and Dad posing at the piano (This is where I got this crazy contorted posture.)

Double date: Cards with Karen and Eddie

Grandma and Mom – but they remind me of Ashley Judd and Annabeth Gish

College Photo

Wedding Day

I love you, Mom! Happy Birthday! Here’s to many more.

For more Merritt Family Photos, including this amazing picture of Papa Merritt in Italy during WWII

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