Happy 2013!

Happy 2013!

It is a pretty dreary day here in Greensboro, but we are having a nice day in before heading out for a traditional dinner this evening. Lots of dancing and dad’s burgers for lunch.

I usually try to make obtainable New Year Resolutions. Most of mine are related to the baby. With that comes staying on top of my hydration and starting pre-natal Pilates this week.

Plus I want to purge Lucy’s clothes now that I know it’s a boy and just save a few dresses for her when she is older. I hope to complete that project by the end of January. Good news for mom, who has been storing most of my clothes over the last four years.

This little cardigan is the first item of clothing I have purchased. I’m hoping the second round of clothes will be less overwhelming. I am excited that all of my big ticket items are gender neutral. Plus I already know my preferred baby blankets, bibs, washcloths, etc. so it’s easy to fill in the gaps. I just don’t know that I can dress Baby Boy Armijo in pink butterfly bibs.

I have been cleaning out and settling into our new home. With a combination of nesting and my traditional New Year’s cleaning frenzy, I’m feeling much better about our space. I think I was so tired my first trimester that now I get such a rush from cleaning out areas. This week’s triumph over Lucy’s art supplies and 2012 prolific art collection felt like I had scaled Mt. Everest. Well not really, but you know what I mean.

I also hope to develop more of a community. We have intended to start visiting churches, but trips and colds keep popping up. Plus I think I’ll take a weekly art class during my third trimester. And then there is also the above-mentioned pre-natal Pilates. So I hope to meet some new people in those places.

I am excited to start 2013 with not a single thought about where we are going to live or anticipating a move. 2012 left me with many things for which I have always hoped. So I guess my primary goal is to figure out how to live fully into my wishes now that they have been fulfilled.

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