Halloween with Honeybee


We had a very eventful Halloween. Once Lucy received this hand-me-down costume from Ziggy’s mom Lauren, we were set. Lucy had said she was going to be Mary Poppins even after we received the honeybee costume. But once she tried it on, she was sold. Throw in a pair of angel wings from the church closet and presto. There were a few days in advance of this weekend where we had some trouble getting her out of the costume, so we knew she loved it. And she really got the hang of trick-or-treating.

First up Saturday was our DC Public Library trick-or-treat and Calvary Family Fun day. The snow doomed any chance of our planned Downtown DC Kids parade, but we were able to get lots of signatures for our playground petition anyway. (Please sign if you haven’t already.) And Lucy got to see so many of her friends, including Amanuel, who was dressed as an airplane.

Love eating lollies with my buddy

Honeybee in the library honeybee chair

Both Brobee and Foofa, from Yo Gabba Gabba, attended the Halloween parties. That night while putting Lucy to bed, I heard her talking about them to herself. The next morning on our way to church she said, “I want Brobee and Foofa in my classroom.” I think that Foofa was there, but unfortunately Brobee just came over with the rest of the crowd from the library.

Honeybee and Foofa at the church party

On Sunday we went to Silas’s third birthday party at MoBu Kids. Hard to believe that little DJ Lance Rock is already 3 years old.


Lucy in the seat of honor next to the Birthday Boy, who is dressed as a hot dog

Next up on Monday was our lobbying trip to the Senate with Moms Rising. We were able to meet with several Senate staffers working for Members on the Super Committee and talked about the importance of funding family-focused programs such as pre-K education. I was also able to visit the office of my new favorite Senator, Patty Murray from Washington. Like Gramms, Patty is a former school board member who supports early education. We were big fans. Of course, we were able to do some trick-or-treating as well. Thanks to the Senate Travel Office for the best treats!

We were extra-excited because Lucy has been obsessed with the Capitol ever since she started reading Hello Washington, DC, though she calls it the “Pacca.” She used to say hi to it when we would come home from Yards Park or from Nationals games (though if it was after dark, she’d say “Pacca sleeping, good night Pacca”).  She has no problem with “monument” for the Washington Monument, which she’s been saying for months now, and ever since the earthquake she’ll say “the monument is closed” even though she’s never been up there. In the Hart Senate Office Building, I was also able to see Mountains and Clouds by Alexander Calder, his last-ever sculpture and his only one to include both mobiles and stabiles. It was specifically designed for the Hart Building atrium, which is nine stories high. It instantly became my favorite work of his ever.




But the highlight of our lobbying trip was our ride on the  Senate Metro. We were trying to leave the Hart Office Building after stopping at the Travel Office in the basement, and a staffer noticed we were clearly lost. He offered to take us on the Metro, and Lucy was super excited. Once we went through security, she hopped right on. We were lucky to ride the manually operated train instead of the automated one, and got to meet our driver who had been an operator for 12 years. As you see, she looks like a natural.

Excuse me, but I’m on my way to an important vote on the Floor, please hurry.

I’ll support your education bill if you support my anti-coal ash legislation.

I love trains.

The operator offered to let us ride all day, but I figured she could come back and ride all she wants once she’s elected to the Senate (her dad is dead-set against it, but all daughters get to do a little rebelling once in a while).

Finally, we did a little trick-or-treating here in Sixth Street Flats (I thought it was probably OK to go sans tights and shoes in this one limited circumstance).

Knock knock

They won’t answer Mommy!


Trick or treat!


Next house!

We ended Halloween evening the way I have for decades: eating candy in the dark and watching the Great Pumpkin. Like all of our family traditions, this one’s so much better with Lucy.

It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

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