Half way there

Monday night, Henry and I set up my shelving in my new studio space. I
believe by the end of day I had made six trips using my little grandma
cart, along with our neighbor’s larger cart.

There is still quite a bit of stuff, mainly rolls of paper, in my
closet, which I need to move over. I had hoped to be finished by now.
But I spent most of this week attempting to get my car in compliance
with DC DMV. My motto: No more tickets! They are all paid. I hope that
this Thanksgiving there won’t be a surprise boot on my car, much like
2006, after our six week trip to Europe.

So I’m a little sad that it is so rainy and gray today. It just makes
me want to stay in the bed instead of loading up my carts and making
multiple trips to 9th and F Streets. The birds are at play outside my
window. That’s a good sign that maybe my paper won’t get too wet.

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