haiku email announcement

I thought I should add my haiku email announcement that I sent out to everyone. It includes a few updates on the judging.

Round 2 of the haiku contest…

Last week was filled with deadlines and I never had a chance to send out a reminder of the next topic for the haiku contest – prom. There are already a few great entries that should challenge you in the morning as you are catching up on your emails. Think beyond any scarring memories of your personal prom experience, if they are too painful.

We have a couple of guest judges for the Starbucks contest – Lauren Wilcox and her friend Erin. They will select the top nine and then I will post a poll to the blog for people to pick the final winner. Nine is the maximum number of choices for the poll. I am trying to keep the competition as fair as possible. Lauren did not enter the first competition. Plus she received an MFA in Poetry from the University of Florida and is a great writer, who has been published by the Washington Post Magazine and the Oxford American.

Remember, you can enter as many times as you like. And I reserve the right to delete anything over the top. Plus you are welcome to forward this to any of your friends who are particularly gifted at crafting haikus.

Special thanks to John Taylor for the Haiku People book. Such a great gift. Hmmm… now how can I incorporate that it into the (sur)prize?

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