guess what’s for dinner?

Carrie emailed me to set up a meeting and mentioned that she was making homemade pizza for dinner. This got my wheels a churning and we are going to have pizza for dinner!

Henry and I love pizza. That should go with out saying. But our fridge is looking pretty bare at this point. When I called him at work to suggest homemade pizza, he asked what was going to be on it. I said anchovies and capers based on the Napoletana, which is our favorite pizza at Pizzeria Paradiso. We have tried several of their pizzas and this one is hands down the best. We have concluded that the best option is to start with a Panzanella salad served over homemade bread and finish with a large Napoletana.

When Eris and Robert were visiting earlier this month, I was quite impressed with my decisiveness. I knew exactly where we should go for all of our snacks and meals. I even knew what we should eat. So after an hour at Paper Source, we headed up M to grab some pizza. When the waiter read the specials, we caved and went with one small Napoletana and one small cheese burger special. Midway through the meal, Robert admitted we should have stuck with one large. So yum!

I have a delicious crust recipe that my mother used for several years. I believe that it came in a book published by Dixie Crystal sugar. But today I tempted to try the white crust recipe as presented on this series of Monkey See videos! Enjoy!

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