Guess the Date – Part 2

According to Bo, we are somehow related to the Blum family. Several of our ancestors are from Old Salem. I have no idea how. But he said I could consider Blum as a middle name. I did very briefly.

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Germanton Mercantile to pick up some Charlie’s Soap laundry detergent. While I was there, I picked up an almanac.

Guess the Date - Part 2

I really have no idea how to read an almanac, even though several men tried to explain while I was there. Instead I focus on the most obvious information – like the moon phases. Granted the noon had little to do with my last delivery. So I am not holding my breath.

Guess the Date - Part 2

For some reason, I thought this source of Best Days To information might be useful. Granted I am not sure which would translate into giving birth. An I transplanting? Maybe prune to encourage growth? Hard to say. The baby is not exactly a weed.

I do remember seeing the ideal days to wean around a Christmas when Dad had these ready to prepare for his Christmas gifts. He has given an almanac to his Sunday School class members for as long as I can remember. The dates did not help me wean at the time. But maybe they will the next time around.

Guess the Date - Part 2

I am open to a New Moon baby on May 9th. Plus it’s the same day as my Dad and Cheryl’s birthday and the Annular Eclipse of the Sun. That could be interesting.

Guess the Date - Part 2

And I left out an image that a meteor shower originating from Hailey’s Comet is passing our way on May 6th. That could be interesting, too.

We have already missed Ben’s birthday and Earth Day! Henry’s birthday is up tomorrow. I probably should focus on his present! And packing.

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