Green at Heart: DC Cabbie

Thanks to Nicolette, who sent this out to our Ladies Who Launch DC Listserv.

I received an email from a fellow Affinity Lab member noting a DC cab that is a Prius and suggesting our patronage and I thought it might be of interest to my socially conscious cohorts!

If you are Green at Heart you may want to contact this driver to support him when possible.

The driver has had difficulties getting the DC Taxi Commission to approve his Prius (he’s the only one in town).

So if you want to support his energy-saving efforts his name is Nick and his number is 202.423.9889.

My brother Alex has an impressive collection of phone numbers for cabbies all over the US. Very smart move. Be sure to add Nick to your cell phone now. A hybrid cab is even smarter. Little steps make a big difference

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