Goodbye, Domino… I’m Sad to See You Go!

I received the last issue of Domino Magazine this week. I am very sad to see it leave, especially with my nesting mode in overdrive. It seems to be just one of a long line of favorite magazines that are dropping like flies: Blueprint, Cottage Living, MerriMail, hmmm…. there was another one that I seem to be forgetting.

When I signed up for American Craft Magazine last week, Henry asked if that was the magazine’s kiss of death. Let’s hope not. I decided to take a chance and pay for a second year at 50% off. Henry even asked how many years it had stuck around. I believe 69 years, so hopefully it is safe.

I received my first Southern Living last week as a sub for Cottage Living. I was not that excited. Cottage Living was great because it mixed bother traditional, modern and green all together in one. Plus the focus is on smaller homes, which is my personal preference. However I must say that Southern Living’s cover shot of the Nutter Butter banana pudding truffle was a tad bit intriguing. I may have to keep that in mind for a future gathering. Maybe I will make a special request for one of my two showers on my birthday. Hint! Hint!

Back to Domino… with a brief glimpse through the final issue, I am super excited to find a must-have to help satisfy my nesting urge. On page 88, there is a shot of chalkboard oilcloth covering a table. How fun! We have a chalkboard-painted post next to our kitchen table, which desperately needs refinishing. The pedestal table we are using is the same one we used in my family growing up. When we moved it into the apartment, I noticed that I had written my name in cursive on the bottom of the table. From the looks of the flow, I am guessing I wrote this sometime around the third grade. So the table has seen its fair share of wear and tear. My great regret is not having it finished before bringing it up to DC from NC. So this oil cloth seems to be the perfect solution for the time being.

Plus I am certain that I have visited Bell’occhio many many years ago (well, in internet years). This online shop seems to be filled with lots of nice little notions that are worthy of a detailed look before making my final purchase.

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  1. Lia

    My favorite little shop in Richmond, the one I told you, has the chalkboard fabric. Let me know if you need it!

  2. Caroline Armijo

    This is great news! I am going to have to take a day trip down to visit you. I had a lot of fun last week.

    Plus, maybe you could help me figure out how to construct this! And I can’t wait to see the little stuffed owl.

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