Good Morning!

Good Morning from Singing in the Rain

Good Morning from Singing in the Rain

It’s your lucky day.

This is definitely our favorite song of February/March 2011. We have watched it countless times, beginning with the Singing in the Rain DVD from the library. Lucy loves to tap and throw her foot out. She will also sing along “to you” right in time.

I was excited to accidentally discover that Design*Sponge had created a living in segment on Singing in the Rain on March 22nd. So close. Amy Merrick should have saved it a day or two later. I was checking to see if she has a living in for The Sound of Music, which is our very favorite musical. Lucy also likes to sing “coo-coo.” The color palette of the Von Trapp Family’s outfits in the final scene is my favorite of the moment. No such luck for the Living In archives, but perhaps it is on the horizon. I did stumble across this timely classic I have yet to see: National Velvet. There are a lot of great movies in this list. Maybe my goal should be to watch them all.

living in: Singing in the Rain via design*sponge

living in: Singing in the Rain via design*sponge

Based on her shoe fetish, I am going to guess that Lucy would LOVE to have a pair of these gray heels.

Good morning to you.

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  1. Kim

    National Velvet is great. Can’t wait to hear what’s happening with the playgound!

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