Gone to Carolina Inn

Last night was Lucy’s first night in a hotel room. She did pretty well
in this little travel bed from Target. It folds up into a little bag
you carry over your shoulder. We were pretty nervous about how she
would do because it isn’t exactly cushy. But I placed a little blanket
beneath her and she slept until 3 am – right inside her normal range.

It is much lighter than a pack and play. But it is probably more akin
to a dog bed with dangling toys above. Now that I think about it, we
probably could have used this instead of bringing the activity mat.

I was pretty happy that all of our baby acoutrements were flat and
collapsible, like the bouncy seat, the bath chair, the activity mat
and this little travel bed. Although next visit, we may just need the
bath chair.

I was pretty proud of myself. I visited a stationery store on Trade
Street during the Gallery Hop in downtown Winston. I was in love with all
of the beautiful papers in Snooze’s shop. I introduced myself and told
her I would live to teach a workshop there. She seemed excited by the
idea. So I think the chances are high. I’m already thinking of a fall
2009 NC tour. I hope to line a few different workshops together over a
week or two period. How fun! Let me know if you are interested.

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  1. Anonymous

    Mom and I went into that store the last time I was home. We both thought of you.


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