Glued to the screen

Tension is building with the final two contestants in the Scripps National Spelling Bee. We are very tempted to walk over and hang out in the lobby of the Grand Hyatt Hotel, which is only four blocks away.

I will now use back-to-back words in a sentence about myself.

“As an opificer, I have been sinicized by my environment.”

Fortunately Henry captured opificer on the chalkboard. When I started my own on the fly blogging, I spelled it as optierian. I did my usual spell-check by searching Google. NOTHING came up. Apparently I completely made that word up.

Sinicized did show up:

Si·ni·cize (sn-sz, sn-)
tr.v. Si·ni·cized, Si·ni·ciz·ing, Si·ni·ciz·es
To make Chinese in character or to change or modify by Chinese influence.

I was never very strong in spelling. I am sure frequent readers are aware of this. So I don’t feel so bad about not even remembering the correct consonant nor the ending of the word. Oh well… I am certain that the girl in the picture definitely knows how to spell it after starting with an “e” by mistake. She aims to be an author. I look forward to reading her future novels, one which will have an opificer as the main character.

n. 1. An artificer; a workman.

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