Gifts for Lucia

Thanks to Sarah for all of the great gifts we received today. When I saw her creative wrapping, I couldn’t resist a quick photo shoot. How fun! We were instructed to open the gifts in order of her name and then the card last.

We have received so many wonderful presents from so many different people. Obviously I have been a little side-tracked and not able to finish my thank you notes. I wrote about half of them before the baby arrived. Well, I managed to send out the sixty stamps I bought prior to the May 11th price increase. So I guess that tells you the last time I thought about thank you notes. The Saturday morning before May 11th.

It’s hard to believe that Lucy arrived just a few days later. And that it will be three weeks tomorrow, which is also her original due date. Insane! I am so glad that she is already here.

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  1. Sarah

    What pretty wrapping! I'm glad Lucy was taking her time getting into them!

  2. sarah fitz

    I'm so glad you all got them! No thank you needed – just enjoy & enjoy your time with little Lucy! Before you know it, she'll be 21 months and shouting "No Way, NO Way, NO WAY" at you…
    We've been thinking about you all a ton! xoxoxo

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