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That’s what I’m calling this week. The first shot is the first of six art projects I’m working on this fall. I brought it with me to work while Lucy naps. We are on a Craigslist pick up right now. I’m buying two JJCole Bundle Mes for Lucy’s stroller. The first is a lighter weight for the crisp fall air. The second is the arctic version, which I hope I won’t need until the end of January. But it is my MO to buy a couple of the same things at once. With our first home, I bought five little tables one day. It totally transformed our space.

I’m also guilty of buying a lot of cleaning supplies. I inherited this from my mom. I told my mom that I was hopeful Lucy had inherited her cleanliness trait from her abuela. Twice I have been cleaning and Lucy has joined in. Once on the Amtrak back from NYC. I wiped off the seat after a blow out and she decided to clean the entire seat. It was the first thing to keep her quiet in a car full of business people. It wasn’t the quiet car, but I felt like it was.

A second time I was cleaning the floor beneath her high chair after breakfast. It was Wednesday, aka Laundry Day. She went over and found a wash cloth and knelt down beside me. After I told my mom both of these stories, she responded, “What kind of cleaning supplies does Martina use?”

So I reluctantly admit that once Lucy wakes from her nap, I plan to buy a steam mop. And a few other items, as well. Hopefully baby food, pants, socks and maybe a pair of shoes for Lucy. But what she really needs is some Tar Heel garb for this weekend’s homecoming for her first visit to Keenan stadium.


I hope she wakes. Can you see that goose egg on her noggin? She was pushing her little piano around as I was gathering our stuff and fell on her head. Yikes. I’m sure she is fine, but she let out a serious cry. One of those where she didn’t breath for several beats.

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  1. I’m glad I’m not alone in my desperation for a steam mop. I actually asked Matt for it for my birthday. I did a lot of research–this one is supposed to be the best:

  2. kara

    ah, y’all are coming to town for alumni weekend? what are your plans?

  3. Caroline (Author)

    I should have consulted you first! I bought the Shark Pocket Steam Mop. They had a special at Target that included a $20 gift card. I’m stocking up on gift cards to buy a camera. I still have some leftover from my baby shower.

    Considering I probably last mopped my entire apartment in some nesting phase, my expectations are not tremendously high.

  4. Caroline (Author)

    At this point, just the BBQ. We will likely drive down Saturday morning to ensure a good nap.

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