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People frequently ask me about helping them put their scrapbooks together. If they could see the mess that I went through this morning, they would scoff at the idea. Granted there were a few scrapbooks in the large bin of “treasures” at my mom’s house, but mostly I just found shoe boxes filled with high-drama and silly notes.

Most of my notes were back and forth with Corey. That could also be considered the case now many, many years later with blogging and comments. Very funny how we come full circle… Instead of attempting to make a scrapbook, I decided to throw away the trash (yes, trash) and save the notes in one better fitting box. My goal is to also fit my wedding memories and adult memories into the same memory chest with those going back to kindergarten. For me, editing is the key; aesthetics are not. It’s now or never people. Please pray that I can persevere through organizing this crap.

But for you have things under much more control OR love scrap booking OR have a much more contained project than high school blending into college, check out Elise’s online workshop. For $20, you can learn lots of great tips and activities to help your creativity to leap out of you into something you will be proud to keep for years. She also answered a few more questions about the workshop here.

The most laugh-out-loud note that I found this morning was to Tony Castleberry. Apparently I was in the 10th grade and asking about a junior I had briefly met. In fact I had just read a note rumoring about someone receiving his class ring just before. Clearly I wasn’t impressed. (I am going to withhold the names.)

Me: “Are there two ___ ______s at this school? Everyone is always talking about cute he is, but I think that he is ugly. What’s wrong with these people?”

After a few laugh out loud moments, I decided to save anything written and folded up for a later time. I have them down to one small bin size. Maybe when I become an empty-nester, I will pull out those memories for a good laugh.

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  1. carolinagirl

    OMG-I was just laughing out loud and reading this post to JC!!! I can’t believe you found some of those notes. Seems like I remember some exchanges in Advanced Math??? Not sure, but I think it was that class or Calculus???

    Anyway, how funny! And guess what, I still have Kermit. Maybe he’ll be my profile pic one of these days! 😉

  2. Sarah

    so I’m sitting here wondering who you were writing about… you know where to find me when you’re ready to spill a name.

    I have a feeling similar treasures lurk in my hometown closet.

  3. Caroline Armijo

    I wrote another blog entry about this and it is completely MIA! So devastated! Maybe it was for the best, but I found lots of treasures. I will share more later. I should have scanned some of them. They are priceless. Henry has already warned me that I shouldn’t have wasted my money on plastic containers because he is tossing everything as soon as I die. Loving husband!

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