Germanton Park is on the Internet!

Germanton Park

I finally had a few minutes tonight to create a Facebook page and web site for Germanton Park. It did not take a lot of effort, but I am excited to at least get the Germanton Park Breakfast up online. I have been intending to do what I could to help the park ever since Richard‘s funeral. I really enjoyed his eulogy and realized that we had several overlapping interests. My jaw dropped open when the pastor said that “Richard wanted a safe place for the children to play.” Plus he was a leading force in the mural at Germanton Methodist Church. And I took up a local interest in the DC polls as a result of his lifetime of influence. I promise to eventually post his eulogy, which I am pleased to say I recorded on my dad’s phone.

The unnamed ecumenical congregation of Germanton has also taken Germanton Park under it’s volunteer wing, since half of the park’s board members attend our services. We have found that we have a common environmental interest. How better can we protect our environment than support a local park that helps promote love for being outdoors. Look for congregation members as part of the upcoming breakfast clean-up crew. We will be wearing matching t-shirts. Well, I won’t because our family is coming from Florida and we would never make it on time. See you in May.

So please come out to the biannual park breakfast on September 8th! I promise you won’t leave hungry!

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