Fujis fresh from the market

We are finishing up Day Two in Seattle.

Day One was great but the weather reminded me a lot of one of my
children’s books from the Seventies. A massive giant fall leaf chased
this young boy. It was a scary book full of dark autumn colors. But it
was just the wind. And that’s how it felt yesterday. A tad scary at
times, but really just a little strange. It would literally push you a
few feet forward, forcing a skip in your step. My strategy to protect
my contacts was to cross the street at each block instead of heading
face on in the wind.

The winds have drastically died down today. We started it out by
returning to Pike’s Public Market for breakast. We picked up some
apples for snacks throughout our trip. It was much more enjoyable this
morning with only a quarter of the people who were there on Saturday.
If I lived in Seattle, I would definitely have a strategy for when I
shipped there. But the produce, flowers, and of course, the fish, are
quite impressive. I’m resisting the urge to shop thanks to the
airlines cheating for extra baggage.

Henry just said he had never seen so many spelling errors in a blog
entry. I am sorry. Sometimes strange words pop up on my iPhone that I
completely over look. Plus I’m working on this tiny screen. Bare with
me. Plus sometimes I’m so caught up in what I’m writing that I would
likely write bear with me. Again, I’m sorry and will try to minimize
errors. It’s easier blogging from my bed in a hotel room than in a
coffee shop. At least here, Henry can watch Sports Center instead of
getting bored and leaving.

I’m going to post a few highlights from our trip.

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