Friendship moon project

Friendship moon project

I am so very close to finishing up my MerriMail issue that something made me start a new project. I have promised myself not to start anything new until May. Well, this project isn’t technically new – just incomplete.

I took a picture while riding down Friendship Road, the road on which I grew up. I loved the abstract feel and colors. Using Google maps, I traced Friendship Road and placed it on top of the photo itself. So today I started hand-stitching the road with a crude twine, using the dotted illustration as a guide.

For years, I had the spool of tobacco twine that my Memaw kept on the top step of the basement. Even though it was dirty and dusty, she would use it for everything. We did, too, while living in Chapel Hill. (Not to gross out anyone who ate with us, but we even used this twine to tie up roast chickens and the such. None of you are dead!) I still haven’t figured out what happened to it during our move to DC in 2005. Certainly, it will show up one day.

I tested a couple of different twines I bought at Bed Bath and Beyond and Da Hsin. I ended up with the skinnier one. But it took me a while to make it through just ten stitches. I hope that my speed picks up because I might have to break this up over several Oprah’s. Good thing I am almost finished with MerriMail!

I decided to return to my collage, which I have been thinking about all weekend. It was incomplete for my critique, but I am very excited about it after discussing possible ideas with my classmates. Funny how art always works itself out and becomes something more than you could ever plan if you let it. No telling what this project will uncover – or stitch up. I’ll keep you posted.

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