Free Fashion (and Tech) Advice

Free Fashion (and Tech) Advice

Henry has added a new niche to his bundle of skills – fashion consulting via text messages. He handed me his phone on Friday night so that he could show me his best text message ever. I insisted that I take a picture of screen so that I could blog about it. He didn’t know how. So for all of those iPhone newbies out there, here’s how to get a screen shot: press the top button and the main button at the same time. It will make a sound like a camera and the screen will flash. You will find the images in your camera roll. If you would like to save an image you received via email, just hold your finger on the image until the option to save image pops up on the screen. The same is true for the iPod Touch, Mom. So get to saving pictures for all of your friends.

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  1. Sarah D.

    Just so we’re clear, I’m not the Sarah in the text.

  2. Kara

    Hmm . . . I am glad that my Sperry-popped collar phase both began and ended in 2005.

  3. Leah

    I love that this happened to Henry.

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