Four Months Old

Four Months Old by carolinearmijo
Four Months Old, a photo by carolinearmijo on Flickr.

We are celebrating Oliver’s four month birthday at Cafe Europa and First Friday in downtown Greensboro. We had to pass on the BBQ festival right outside the window because Henry has been a pescetarian for almost a month.

I can’t decide if Oliver likes Duran Duran or the ceiling fan more. He is eager to join us at the table and ditch the bucket car seat. We need to reassess our car seat situation anyway because of pre-k car line.

I need a booster with seat belt or five-point harness. Lucy has to buckle herself in and out of the car starting ext week. But she also puts the shoulder strap behind her back. That’s not going to work.

A few milestones from the last week include rolling from his tummy to his back and belly laughs. Last night Ollie was really popping his hip to try to flip the other way.

I have taken Oliver to way more children’s museums or kid places. He LOVES them. He was all smiles at Lucy’s preschool. So he is quite the extrovert, just like his sister.

Still such a sweetie.

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