Found them!

I found some caster wheels for my ONJ paper doll. They are on the bottom of this American Airlines suitcase. So that is very exciting. I paid $3.21 for it. My parents came to visit me today. We had to carry it down the main street of Spruce Pine, which is a little bit smaller than Walnut Cove, if they had stores in all of those empty shops. It was pouring rain and mom was giggling.

I am so tired. I can’t wait to sleep in once I get home next week. My roommates wake up before 7 every morning. So I can’t sleep through that. I was having some crazy dreams this morning that involved shapeshifting wallpaper with a graffitti pattern, a rapper, Bill Cosby and Gary Coleman. Then I was at a race track and I was singing “Go Speed Racer” in my head when I woke up. I think that if I were able to sleep really late – like 8 – I would have some really crazy dreams! Oh me… I need a nap.

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