For Donna

Donna thinks Lucy doesn’t have any clothes because of her pictures on
this blog. When we went to NC, she made a special shopping trip just
for little L. Since today is her birthday, I thought I’d dress her in
one of her new outfits. Based on her response in the mirror, I think
she likes it.

Rick and Donna also met us downtown in Winston. Meredith and Alex
walked to dinner. Mom, Dad, Henry and I were not far behind. Mom said
that Donna wanted to see Lucy before the cookout. So they met us on
Fourth Street, which was hopping. Rick parked the car and they met us
on the sidewalk. From there, we didn’t have to worry about holding her
again until three hours later. It was like being on a date and having
a baby sitter right there with you. We visited several galleries and
ate dinner at Sweet Potatoes. Instead of holding Lucy in my baby
carrier and eating over her head, she was hanging out with her cousins
right outside. When Henry checked on her, they had crossed the street
to find better lighting for a photo shoot. We got her back once we
made our way back to the car.

This was Lucy’s first babysitting experience. It was great! Thanks to
Rick and Donna. I think everyone was happy on the way home.

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