follow-up to teaching activities

Last week, I wrote up my thoughts about my trip to New Orleans and my experience with the Becoming the Beloved Community retreat. The first thing that I thought was I also need to do this for the Exotic Dancer MBA! And some form of this for Penland, too. I go through these amazing experiences and have something significant I want to say. But it is almost like I have so many different thoughts that I don’t really know where to begin. The interview format helped me capture a pretty well-rounded view of the experience. Plus an overly smiley picture of me with very curly hair.

And for a brief review of my latest Wedding Event Invitations class at Paper Source, check out what Ms. Alexandria of DC Nearlyweds had to say. Her husband was my first male in a wedding-related class. He was great and had a lot of experience. I think that this is also the first class where people bonded so quickly. Plus my first workshop on the floor downstairs. I have to admit that despite my skepticism, I had to look for things way less than when I was in the third floor workshop space. I guess I was hyper-organized, which is great!

For upcoming events, I have a Google calendar of events that I include on my web page under workshops. It is time to update it once again! The fall is already starting to fill up. So hard to believe.

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