Flock to Me

Two of my super craftiest friends sent this sweet knitted bird mobile the very same day! Funny how life works out that way. Renee said that she was thinking of knitting it for me. And Lia emailed me a tad bit later to tell me that I should find a knitter to knit it for me. Great minds think alike. I mean, what would you call that karma-wise?

So I met the first little birdie this past Sunday at my shower. He didn’t have any wings yet, nor his innards, but he was very cute. And I look forward to meeting his flock! I will be sure to post a pic once I have it hanging in the nursery.

Based on the looks of the Flock pattern, I think that Renee might be able to get away with fewer birds. Granted I could always hang it in the window. Maybe the pigeons would be amused. But not nearly as amused as my mom by the glorious green thong that Renee knitted for Shannon. And I thought that she was making the world’s longest friendship bracelet.

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