Flaked out

I didn’t really, but I wanted to make a grain reference, since this week is all about grain. I believe that this week’s story relates to someone hiding a silver cup in a bag of grain, making it look like Joseph’s brothers were trying to steal. So I made a giant bag and we are going to tuck a silver cup inside. I never really gave Paul a description of this week’s project for the bulletin. By Thursday I was still perplexed about what I was actually going to do.

Rumor has it, there is a little visitor in the sanctuary and I did not want to leave anything that might attract his attention. I love this autumn tracing paper and thought it would look so great with the rice showing through. We are in Chinatown, after all.

I recall an exhibit I saw at The Weatherspoon Gallery. It featured a sea of rice and beautiful envelopes made out of red wax. That was way before my blogging and digital photography days, so I have no idea who it was other than the memory of the beauty in the abundance of rice.

Well, what am I going to do with 10, 20 or 30 pounds of rice? I made this giant origami bag that I would dare say can handle that kind of weight. I did roll down the top to reduce the amount of rice needed to fill the bag. As additional filler, I also gathered all of our Chinese take out plastic containers and a bag full of clear air pocket pillows from Paper Source. I can’t bear to throw them away and recycle them at Trader Joe’s. Last week Lucy challenged me to use them for my parting of the Red Sea project. She even said she would come to see it. Wow! Maybe I should hold her to that.

Anyway, I checked the times on Da Hsin Wholesale. They open at 10am Sunday morning. Perfect. Now just as long as I can gather the rice up and deliver it to the food bank before attracting any unwanted attention.

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