First for Four

First for Four

Today we received our first Christmas card from our beloved neighbors in Chapel Hill. Felix contacted me seeing after my name in the Daily Tar Heel regarding St. Philip’s move. Certainly there aren’t two Caroline Armijos. It was so wonderful catching up via email and sharing our good news, which Felix alludes to in his holiday greeting.

And for our good news… Lucy will be a big sister in late spring. We are expecting a second baby on May 13th, the day before Lucy’s fourth birthday. Granted, I expect the baby to arrive well before Lucy’s birthday since Lucy was three weeks early to the day.

I am well into my second trimester at over seventeen weeks. Hallelujah! But that explains why I have not been blogging much in 2012 as I became pregnant almost as soon as we were in a livable state in NC. Maybe posts will pick up during my nesting phase. I hope so.

Expect confirmation of Lucy’s conviction that she will have a baby sister on December 19th. And if not, we have a lot of baby clothes to give away and a young mind to convince that she does want a baby brother.

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  1. Sarah

    CONGRATULATIONS CAROLINE, HENRY & LUCY!!! I am so happy and excited for you all!!! Dylan and Harper are about 3.5 years apart and it has been a great age difference! I miss you all and hope so see you in the next year! Safe travels Henry!

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