First big snow

First big snow

First big snow

In case you’ve missed the news, we are under a winter storm warning. I wish I knew we would be blanketed by a heavy snow a few weeks ago when I bought a one-way ticket to Greensboro over a month ago. Mainly because Henry keeps asking me over and over again about when I’m going to change the flight. It’s been snowing just shy of two hours now. I have no idea what the next 24 hours will bring other than a rumor that Santa is stopping by our house early. Maybe his flight has been cancelled, too.

This afternoon when I was asked once again when I was going to change my flight, I had to end the conversation with the exclamation: WIND GUSTS, WIND GUSTS, WIND GUSTS! It gets really windy here in DC. Almost- turn-over-the-stroller windy.

The commuter plane to Greensboro is just one step up from a prop jet. You have to take a bus out to get on the plane. I am not mentally prepared to hold a baby in my lap flying through the tail-end of a record-setting snow storm. I’m really trying not to pass along my fears to Lucy and that includes my past fear of flying. A prop jet to Montreal in 2002 set me over the edge for many, many flights. Sometimes I still have to tell myself, okay we are just turning a corner, etc.

So we are a little sad that our trip has been delayed, but we will be home as soon as possible.

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  1. carolinagirl

    we finally got snow here too. the boys are so excited.

  2. Caroline Armijo

    We took her out today, but she was asleep by the time I was ready to take her picture.

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