Fire in Boca

I finished my last holiday project today. Just in the nick of time.
Last week, I asked Henry to draw a picture of Tony, my brother-in-law,
in action. Plus I asked him to also draw his truck. Tony has served
the Boca Raton Fire Department for many years now. He even made the
cover of several international news outlets as he cleaned up the
anthrax mess at The National Enquirer a few years back. Needless to
say we are very proud of his hard work. I thought a little handmade
book art would be the perfect gift.

We are opening our presents with the Armijos tomorrow. I’m pretty
certain that Tony is not an avid reader of Beyond Friendship Gate. So
I hope that I haven’t ruined the surprise. But I’m quite confident
that I am safe.

The covers are six by eight inch canvases painted with abstract
flames. This is my first attempt at a theater style book, although
there may be a more specific name. The covers close flat and the
little truck, firefighter and gray smoke are afixed to the accordion
folded sides. The front frame of black paper is supposed to look like
palm trees up top, the tree trunks on the sides and flames down below.

I had really hoped to finish the project before leaving DC, but quite
a few things went unfinished. So I had to pack my exacto knife, a
small bottle of PVA, and a few other tools. Needless to say, we had to
check our bags. One was full of tool and toiletries, plus all of our
unwraped gifts. Now that’s my final project. Off to that task next.

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1 Comment

  1. carolinagirl

    This is such a neat and heartfelt gift! I know that he will love it! Did you arrive safely?

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