This week Lauren and I have been checking in with one another on our daily goals for our creative projects. Sometimes the tasks are as small as going to the grocery store to get out of the house. I found that being accountable for my creative projects really helped push me. Our goal is to post something to our respective Etsy stores in the next couple of months. Maybe this project will show up there.

I sent Lauren this picture late last night via my iPhone. I forgot that I have to take a vertical shot or else it will turn out like the one above – rotated and displayed incorrectly.

This is the correct view of a stitched photograph of a blurry moon I captured while riding down Friendship Road while we were still living in Chapel Hill. The line is actually a map of Friendship Road. Sometimes I walk down this road in my dreams, although I never have actually walked the five miles in real life. Throughout the process, I thought about time I spent with my grandparents as a little girl. It was like I was reconnecting with my grandmother, who did handiwork while watching her stories, and my grandfather, who drove back and forth to Friendship when he worked on the farm.

I am excited to be finished with this piece. I plan to buy a frame for it on Saturday along with another collage, Alliterations from my collage class. Then it will really be finished.

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