Finally – Europe photos are up

I never thought that I would get to this point. Ever… I have been working on my Europe 2006 photo web site all week. I still have some missing links for all of my videos. I started to load them this morning, before I realized that they were all 32MB. That is way to big of a file. So next week, I will have to upload all of the photos to my You Tube space. I already have a couple up. But at least I have finished the pictures. I hope that you enjoy them. I listened to your requests and they are up.

Also, this is the introduction of my new web site I traded spaces with the Remembering Life web site. It is still on the new site as one of my projects. This is just the beginning of a portfolio, so it will likely change in the near future. But this will have to work for now.

Spending all of my time on the computer this week was actually great timing. We were featured on design*sponge on Wednesday. The post was picked up by Luxist and a couple of other blogs. I spent a lot of time fielding questions, checking our site statistics, and calling Eris with each new subscription. It was quite an exciting week. My favorite blog post was from Oh Sweetheart. (Look for the October 11th, 2006 post.

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  1. the Rab

    nice. i love the new design. maybe i should give iweb another look. it is very web2.0-ish.

    i also am excited to browse your blogger press! that is cool. how many subscriber’s are you talking? you go girls!

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