Finally A New Car

Finally A New Car

We spent last week in NC. Henry dropped us off with my parents after the UNC football game. I expected to buy a car on Tuesday. I even went to pick one up on Friday. But it wasn’t until late Monday night, a full week later, before I drove away from the dealership. Here she is with her predecessor, a 96 Honda Accord, in the background. This is a 2010 Honda Fit Sport. It is a subcompact car, but I am pretty certain it holds a lot more than “the Golden Nugget,” which Eric coined before our last weekend of ownership. I knew for a couple of years that I wanted to keep my car for fifteen years. I also wanted to buy a hybrid and pay for it in cash. Well, I only managed to meet the first goal. The Fit is close to a hybrid based on its great mileage. And with the 0.9% interest rate, I’m pretending like it is almost free money. Although my previous car payments ended quite a few years ago, I still remember they aren’t that fun to write. But I have a BRAND NEW CAR! I never thought I’d see the day. And based on my family history, this could be the only new car I’ll purchase in my lifetime. I have been shopping for this car for months. We had to have something that would easily fit between the concrete columns on either side of our parking space. Plus with a new family, I needed to maximize my interior space. I originally wanted a CRV, but Henry said he would never drive a big car because of our space. That translates into never going to the grocery store.

I tried to get a used 2009 Fit. I looked on Craigslist, had Bart shop the auctions, and had Antonio on the hunt. But the 2009s are few and far between. And Clark Howard said that you should buy subcompacts new. So I was ready to take the plunge. The problem was we decided that we wanted to get the one with the navigation system because it also includes vehicle stability control. All new cars after 2012 will include this feature. And after a scary moment involving a tractor trailer and a flash flood on 95, I thought I could use all of the help I can get. Plus sometimes Henry gets lost. Even with a GPS in the glove box.

But as I patiently waited for a new car, people were snatching up the inventory. And dealers don’t stock the most expensive version of the cheapest car on the lot. Plus Henry and I both wanted the light blue. It took us 24 hours of debating over white or black. I arrived at the dealership on Friday ready to pick up the car. I was going to return to the office to make some coal ash petition packets. Let’s just say I accomplished nothing all week on my goal to eradicate coal ash. I was too consumed with buying the car.

I met Suzanne from Crown Honda Greensboro and told her I wanted to test drive the car and I was interested in white. Then I learned they didn’t have it, but a black one was arriving on the truck in two weeks. They could have a white one for me in three to four business days. I explained I was driving back to DC on Tuesday to catch a flight to Florida on Wednesday. I test drove the car, told them I was definitely interested. They said I should expect to hear from someone on Saturday morning.

I was so sad. I had a list of reasons why I was sad that I shared with Henry: I was worried I wouldn’t find the car I wanted. I made my mom give away a bunch of cookie tins this summer and now I needed them for an art project. I wasn’t going to get to visit Sarah and Meredith, much less visit a pumpkin patch as part of our “vacation.” I was missing the Reuse Conference. And I had done nothing about coal ash. Since it was my high school homecoming that night, I also wondered why I felt compelled to buy a letter jacket back in high school. I guess you could say I was compounding issues. Saturday evening my immediate family was in the car driving to Jennifer’s baby shower. I checked out my app for the hundredth time. There was a light blue Honda Fit with Nav in North Georgia. Should I call them? Yes! My mom was sick of the agony. I was jealous that Shannon and Will bought a car in about 45 minutes of shopping. They had the car. It was on the inventory sheet. The guy would have someone drive it to me on Monday. We would hammer down the price then. Monday morning, I called and gave him all of my financial information. He said he would call back with a price. I realized I had made a big mistake, but whatever. I was just so sick of it. Minutes later I received a call. The car had been sold on Saturday morning and was no longer available. I was crushed. I drove to the office and told mom not to fax our license. Just then I received the word that Crown had pulled through. A white car would be there that afternoon! Hallelujah! We pulled off the lot around 8:30 after Henry started giving me the wrap-it-up signals.

The whole event started to feel a bit like my labor – never-ending. But in the end, we are both so pleased. I think we are in love.

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  1. sarah d.

    Congrats on the new ride!! Sorry you couldn’t make a visit to Raleigh, but we’ll catch you another time, when (hopefully) you can meet bd2. It’s amazing how much time a car purchase, not just the shopping, can eat up.

  2. Caroline (Author)

    You are right! I bet I have 2000 hours invested in this purchase. It made me think how hard adoption would be. I’m not even a car person.

    Can’t wait to meet BD2!!!

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