family pride

Saturday evening we invited a few friends over for dinner. Within minutes of Kate Komp’s arrival, she turned on the television to watch the Frozen Four Final between Wisconsin and Boston College. She explained that her cousin was playing for Wisconsin, and not only that, he was the team captain, Adam Burish. How exciting! I could not believe it.

I spent most of the evening in the kitchen between the sink, refrigerator and Henry. He spent two hours working away on one of his favorite meals for our friends – chicken enchiladas with black bean and sweet potato toastadas, neither of which are on his blog. (Henry, I asked if you wanted a picture!) We frequently went back and forth from the kitchen after four rounds of guacamole. So we were keeping tabs on the game from the kitchen counter.

Close to the end of the hockey match, we all gathered in the den to watch the Badgers win and accept their championship trophy. I captured this picture of Kate just as they were showing Adam on TV. We all cheered when the reporter asked about his family genes. His sister Nikki Burish scored to help Wisconsin’s women’s hockey team win their first national championship just last week. But we know what they meant, Kate. Genes like that aren’t just limited to a brother and sister. They run throughout the family tree.

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