Evening Picnic

Last Friday, we met Henry after work for a little Jazz in the Garden at the Smithsonian. Unfortunately it gets a bit too crowded to hear any actual music, but Henry likes the beer and barbecue sandwiches, and Lucy (of course) likes the socializing.

whats going on over there?

what's going on over there?

The good thing about Lucy being a city baby is that she isn’t totally psyched about crawling around in the grass, which makes it easier for her to stay put for a while.

Im liking but not loving sitting in this grass

I'm liking but not loving sitting in this grass

And thanks to this nice lady for letting Lucy play with her brand new work phone (there’s that love for cellphones again). I told her that I do not give her my phone and it doesn’t even work.

We made the switch back, although I don’t think she was nearly as excited with the ball.

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