Elise’s Letterpress Tutorial + Happy Valentine’s Day!

One of Henry’s great regrets in life FOR ME is that I have never taken a letterpress class. I like to remind him that I still have plenty of time in life to learn how to letterpress. In fact, I recently read that Martha Stewart started her catering company at 35. That was just her catering company… Look at all that she is accomplished since then. She has taken the world, gone to jail and resurrected her brand and image. So I think that I will eventually have a chance to take a weekend class. I’m not even 35 yet.

Until then, I am going to read up on Elise’s letterpress how to so that I can at least appear a little more knowledgeable than I am. And Henry can read this, too. Maybe he secretly wants to learn how himself.

I am most impressed with this diagram of the letterpress drawer. Wow! Who knew?

In fact, I love Elise’s work so much that I purchased my Valentine’s from her. I bet you’re thinking, “Hey, today’s Valentine’s Day and I didn’t get a Valentine!” That’s because they are still sitting on my kitchen table. But these little fill in the blanks can be used pretty much anytime. Even to help celebrate President’s Day next week. So let’s hope the card will be in your hands before you know it. I’m going to at least try.


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  1. carolinagirl

    Love it! Happy Valentine’s Day to you!!!! The Big 35 coming up soon for both of us – will we survive it?

  2. Caroline Armijo

    Yes! We will survive. I thought that 31 was the hardest by far. But now that I’m over that hump…

    Happy Valentine’s to you.

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