Eighty Envelopes: What If? + Installation Prototype

Eighty Envelopes: What If? + Installation Prototype by carolinearmijo

What if Elisha performed his miracle with the pots of oil today? Would he still tell the widow to gather all the pots she could find? Or would he pick another container? Even though the miracle was multiplying the widow’s anointing oil, I thought it would likely be something mass produced, like a plastic bag. Perhaps because I already own a lot of plastic bags. Which is how my dining room table ended up looking like this.

My internal critic was pretty harsh this evening. This piece is a little unmanageable. Those thoughts were quickly whisked away by the idea that this is a prototype for an installation piece. So I am available for hire! It is an easy project and would be perfect to lead a group of congregation members interested in rethinking liturgical art.

I have read the 2 Kings Chapter 4 story a couple of times and learned that the multipled oil was a super, high-end product. The widow wasn’t to keep any for herself. These are a nicer version of plastic bags. But also I was a little torn realizing that my original piece is not intended to live on my mantel, despite my wishes and how good it looks there.

I am going to keep creating a series of these pieces until I fill up the canvases I have on hand, much like the widow. The variations inspired me to create mini-versions of my other main pieces, too. I am preparing for my art show in Danbury at the end of July. I have a lot of work to do. More to come.

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