Edith and Edna

Before we left for our trip, I called my Grandma Merritt. I like to check in on her every once in a while to see how she is doing. One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to call her once a week. I think I failed before we got to February. But I still try to see her whenever I am in Winston and call her periodically.

I am really bad about not knowing a lot about a town before I get there. I can’t really visualize what it will be like. But I try to find some key places that I want to visit. One of them was a wonderful store called Edith and Edna. Well, this name instantly jumped out at me because my Grandma’s closest sister is named Edna. Edna is right around two years younger than Grandma. And she recently learned that she has ALS or Lou Gehrig’s Disease. So Edna was really on Grandma’s mind the last time I called her before our trip.

Once we arrived in Portland, Maine, it was not hard to find Edith and Edna. It was within a block of our hotel that is located at the old Armory in the center of town. There were rows of shops throughout the streets of Portland. However, I found Edith and Edna to be the most endearing. Maybe I am biased by the name. I went before breakfast and Henry quickly walked out in search of coffee. I loved the art, gifts and books throughout the display. I quickly left knowing that I needed to return when I could more thoroughly explore the store. And I still had to go downstairs to check out all of the handmade goodies.

Later in the day, I returned to buy a very sweet birthday book for Shannon, who is a huge fan of Jen Corace. When I made my purchase, I asked if there was anything that had their name on it. I explained the story of my own Edith and Edna. She said that in fact, they have handmade flowers with their name and logo printed on a small circle affixed in the center of it. Artist Danny Mansmith made them for the customers, who rave over them. She gave me an extra one for my grandma. I was thrilled. (Read more about them here.)

I took a picture of the handmade flowers (for my souvenir) and found a great photo (above) of Edith, Roger (my grandfather) and Edna, which I printed and framed for the sisters. Mom is going to deliver them to Grandma this week. My hope is that Frank, their baby brother and his wife Betty can take Edna her own picture and flower for her new room.

(Ryan – Look familiar?)

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  1. the Rab

    wow that is freaky that we found and digitized these photos that are so similar from the 2 separate families within a week of each other. i need to do a better scan of mine.

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